You can install our auto-igniter in many of our copper gas lanterns. The igniter is mounted inside the lantern and encased in a decorative copper cowl. The igniter can be configured to to be activated by a switch, electric eye, motion detector, and even a remote control. This accessory allows you to control when your lantern is lit.

Our auto-igniter gives you the ability to turn your copper gas lanterns on and off with the flip of a switch. The igniter will spark three times. It it senses a flame, it will stop sparking. If the flame goes out it will spark three times and if the flame doesn't ignite, it will shut the entire system down stopping the flow of gas. To re-light the lantern, the switch must be turned off and back on for the cycle to repeat itself.

We recommend the auto-igniter for natural gas only. Propane often has impurities which cause carbon buildup on the igniter and impair its function.

Electronic Igniter installed in an Acadian

copper gas lantern.

Electronic Igniter installation Instructions